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With over 60 years of experience in the industry, Heat Shield Products has the experience and effective solutions to tackle your heat and sound issues.

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 HP Racers Tape
HP Racer's Tape is a self-emulsifying silicone tape that provides rugged heat protection for your hot rod or race car up to 450-degrees Fahrenheit. Wrap up your wire loom or fuel and shield it from...More Details »
Black Exhaust Wrap
Insulate your exhaust and keep your vehicle cool with Heatshield Products' high-quality black exhaust wrap. Featuring a proprietary black coating, this black header wrap holds its color for longer...More Details »
Catalytic Converter Heat Shield
Grab this catalytic converter heat shield that stops up to 70% of heat and works on both OEM and aftermarket converters.
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Cold-Gold Shield
Heatshield Products designed the Cold-Gold Shield™ for the person who loves chrome, polished aluminum and billet and the mesmerizing brilliance of metallic paint: the shine and allure. It...More Details »
Cold-Gold Sleeve
Cold-Gold Tape
Show off the fittings in your vehicle with our flashy Cold-Gold Heat Shield Tape™! Designed to reflect up to 90% of radiant heat and also act as a fire barrier, our Cold-Gold Heat Tape™ is the...More Details »
Color Sleeve
Heatshield Products Color Sleeves™ are an excellent way to protect wires, fuel lines, brake lines and more from thermal exposure while enhancing your vehicle’s appearance. The special weaving...More Details »
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Cool Foil Tape
Our Cool Foil Tape™ is a lightweight thermal aluminum heat shield that is ideal for reflecting radiant heat away from the wires, cables, and lines in your vehicle. Made from industrial-strength...More Details »
Cool Intake System
Heatshield Products HP Cold Air Intake Heat Shield Reduces Radiant Heat by 90% Don’t let the heat rob you of horsepower -- get the most out of your vehicle’s performance with our innovative...More Details »
db Armor
Sound insulation does not have to be heavy to work. Don’t weigh your vehicle down with unnecessary weight, db Armor offers superior insulation with a weight savings. More Details »
db Defender
Replace the factory plastic film behind your door panel with an improved version that not only protects from weather but also provides sound insulation.
db Gasket
Eliminate rattles in your car with db Gasket™. This weather resistant closed cell foam can stop metal to metal contact from linkage, harnesses, and more to make your old car sound as quiet as a new one.
db Headliner Kit
An automotive interior heat shield that actually works to stop both heat and sound. We have engineered our db Headliner Kit™ to help prevent a vehicle’s interior from feeling like an oven and to make the drive quieter.
db Skin
This high-performance sound insulation coating is easy to apply and rugged enough to be used as an interior coating in an off road vehicle.
db Sniper
Block road noise and deaden vibrations in your vehicle with our db Sniper™ car sound barrier insulation sheeting for a quieter and smoother journey.
db Stealth Armor
Stop interior heat and reduce sound with a one-step install. Traditional sound insulation does not reduce heat. We simply combine two of our best products to make for an easy installation.
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Exhaust Pipe Heat Shield Kits
Exhaust pipe heat shield will reduce radiant up to 70% of heat radiating upward from your pipe. This reduces the heat into your vehicle's interior and surrounding components, while also increasing...More Details »
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Fire Armor Sleeve
When you’re pushing the pedal to the metal on the racetrack, heat radiating from the engine and exhaust system can damage your brake lines, fuel lines, wiring harnesses, and cables ultimately...More Details »
FR Shield - Fuel Rail Heat Shield
Fuel-injected vehicles are some of the most powerful on the road, but they can also suffer serious fuel problems if the fuel returning to the fuel cell overheats. Over a long-distance race, hot...More Details »
Gas Can Heat Shield
The original fuel can heat shield! HP Cool Can Shields™ act as a UV heatshield for your fuel container or jug, and protect its contents from solar radiation that causes the contents to get hot
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Header Armor
Don't let the heat of your engine make you sweat! Install Heatshield Products Header Armor
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Heat Shield Tape
Heat shield tape is an effective solution to shield wire looms, fuel lines, air intakes and more. Thermaflect™ Tape is features an excellent adhesive backing that sticks to most clean surfaces.
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Heatshield Armor
This heat shield insulation material is easier to install than exhaust wrap, it also reduces more heat from your exhaust pipes and components. Heatshield Armor™ which can stop exhaust heat up to...More Details »
Items 1-30 of 83