Pace Performance - Component Specific Heat Shield

Whether you are looking for improved performance or improved reliability, we have the component heat shield you need!
Reduce radiant heat from catalytic converters up to 70 percent
Protection for starter motors and solenoids
Add horsepower the cheap way and protect your intake manifold
Prevent oil overheating with oil filter heat shield

More About Component Specific Heat Shield

Catalytic Converter Heat Shield
Grab this catalytic converter heat shield that stops up to 70% of heat and works on both OEM and aftermarket converters. Heat from the car’s catalytic converter can be conducted through the floorboards and increase the interior temperatures to uncomfortable levels. In modern cats with catalytic converters right after the manifold this can lead to serious interior heat or overheat of transmissions.

Cold Air Intake Heat Shield
Cold air intake heat shield system reflects up to 90% for lower air-intake temperatures and greater fuel efficiency -- how is that for stopping heat in its tracks? Cooler air temperatures = more horsepower

Fuel Rail Heat Shield
Prevent pre-ignition and maximize your fuel efficiency by installing Heatshield Products fuel rail heat shield and cooling your fuel. Fuel rail covers protect your fuel from radiant heat by reflecting the heat away from the rails.

Intake Manifold Heat Shield
Do you have that burning question, how to make cheap horsepower? That’s easy, use the I-M Shield by Heatshield Products. This intake manifold heat shield significantly reduces the amount of heat transfer from the top of the engine to the intake manifold

Lava Starter Heat Shield
Lava™ Starter Heat Shield prevents starter failures and extends the life of your starter motor and solenoid. Due to the unique properties of volcanic rock, our Lava Starter Heat Shield can work even in the tightest of spaces where airflow is scarce.

Oil Filter Heat Shield
Heatshield Products Lava Oil Filter Shield™ can help you avoid cooking the oil filter and the oil running through it while protecting the filter from on and off-road debris and hazards.