Pace Performance - Carbureted LS Intake Manifolds

It’s no secret that GM LS engine respond with aggressive horsepower gains when they can breathe more air. The factory EFI systems restrict the LS engines air intake flow. A good example of this is what we found when dyno testing the GMPP 5.3L 327CID crate engine. The 5.3L made a respectable 327HP @ 5500RPM and 347 ft/lbs @ 4600RPM with the stock LS3 GM EFI system. We swapped the LS3 EFI out for the Edelbrock 7118 intake kit and bolted on Edelbrock’s 650CFM carb. With this carb & intake the 5.3L woke up and made 350HP @ 5600RPM and 370 ft/lbs @ 4100RPM. That is a 7% gain before any fine tuning. With today’s advancements in carburetor and intake casting technology putting a carb on your LS engine is an affordable way to get the most out of LS engines.