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Most sound insulation companies require you to add a lot of weight to get your ride quiet. At Heatshield Products we offer lightweight sound insulation solutions that keep you light, nimble, and quiet. From the high-tech sound damping sheets to our lightweight spray coating. we have the right combination of products to keep you fast and handling well. High Performance Insulation doesn't just apply to heat, browse our advanced sound insulation products.

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More About Sound and Interior Insulation

Sound Insulation - db Armor
Sound insulation is finally available in a high-performance lightweight solution. Heatshield Products db Armor™ is a superior automotive sound deadening material that raises the bar in the industry. It is thinner and lighter than comparative products and delivers triple the sound-deadening performance!

Door Panel Insulation - db Defender
Replace the factory plastic film behind your door panel with an improved version that not only protects from weather but also provides sound insulation.

Sound Insulation - db Gasket
Eliminate rattles in your car with db Gasket™. Put an end to rattles, squeaks, and buzzes between vibrating components in your vehicle with our proprietary speaker gasket.

Heat Shield and Sound Insulation - db Headliner
This lightweight two part kit is the ultimate way to keep your vehicle cool in those hot summer days. This headliner insulation kit keeps the car quiet and stops the sun from heating up the interior of your ride.

Sound Insulation - db Skin
This high-performance sound insulation coating is easy to apply and rugged enough to be used as an interior coating in an off road vehicle.

Sound Insulation - db Sniper
Block road noise and deaden vibrations in your vehicle with our db Sniper™ car sound barrier insulation sheeting for a quieter and smoother journey.

Sound Insulation - Stealth Shield
This interior heat shield stops hot floor boards and firewall heat from the inside of your vehicle. This will work stand alone under carpet or lays on existing sound insulation.