Pace Performance - Exhaust and Header Wrap

Exhaust wrap on header and other exhaust components can reduce radiant heat damage and help exhaust gases flow better. High-quality exhaust systems show to have no adverse side effects from heat wrap.

Increase Fuel Efficiency with a Heat Wrap

Keep the heat inside your vehicle’s exhaust system and increase the power of your vehicle with our automotive exhaust header wraps. Our exhaust wrap and header heat wrap can reduce exhaust pipe and underhood temperatures by up to 50%. Less radiation heat means greater efficiency and a more comfortable ride for your passengers. Whether you’re an everyday driver or a professional on the racetrack, our thermal insulation wrap can reduce your fuel consumption and increase your power.

More About Exhaust and Header Wrap

Black Exhaust Wrap
Insulate your exhaust and keep your vehicle cool with our high-quality black exhaust wrap. Featuring a proprietary black coating, black exhaust headers hold their color for longer than similar graphite-coated wraps ensuring that your vehicle looks as cool as it feels.

Cobra Skin Exhaust Wrap
With the Cobra Skin™ heat wrap for pipes, insulate the complex and twisted metal piping in your exhaust system for a cooler journey and increased horsepower.

Inferno Header Wrap
Inferno wrap is a high-performance heat shield wrap for your big power race car or boosted application. It does not get brittle or fall apart like competitors wraps.

Lava Exhaust Wrap
For extreme heat, you need an extreme exhaust wrap. With Lava Exhaust Wrap from Heatshield Products, that’s exactly what you get.

Exhaust Wrap
The original exhaust wrap launched by Heatshield Products. Exhaust heat wrap can lower underhood temperatures by as much as 50 percent