Pace Performance - Exhaust Heat Shield Insulation

Exhaust heat shields can be used on a manifold, header, pipe, mufflers and catalytic converters. The Heatshield Products Armor Series™ exhaust heat shields can stop up to 60 percent of radiant heat from the exhaust system.

More About Exhaust Heat Shield Insulation

Exhaust Pipe Heat Shield
An exhaust pipe heat shield prevents heat from radiating to the interior of a vehicle and protect near by components from excessive heat.

Header Armor
Exhaust manifold heat shield can reduce under hood temperatures up to 60 percent, lower air intake temperatures and create more horsepower. Header Armor™ keeps you cool at the track or on the street with the easiest to install and longest lasting heat shield blanket available for your headers Header Armor from Heatshield Products.

Heatshield Armor
Exhaust heat shields can reduce under-hood temperatures and improve exhaust gas flow out of the exhaust system.

Lava Header Armor
A header manifold heat shield like Heatshield Products Lava™ Header Armor helps your engine produce more power by keeping more heat in your headers and exhaust system. That in turn increases exhaust gas temperatures and exhaust gas velocity for improved exhaust flow and efficiency for scavenging and other factors.

Muffler Heat Shield
Heatshield Products Muffler Armor™ uses a BioCool thermal-barrier material to withstand 1,800 degrees F of continuous heat, which helps reduce radiant heat from mufflers by up to 70 percent