Pace Performance - Heat Shield Tape and Fasteners

Heat shield tapes and high temperature fasteners are the perfect high temperature solution to secure shield components quickly. Heat shield tape can be used to shield over 90 percent of radiant heat. If you need to secure or tape up insulation, Heatshield Products have you covered. Browse the full line up of heat shield tape and fasteners for your every need.

More About Heat Shield Tape and Fasteners

HP Racer Tape
Wrap up your wire loom or fuel and shield it from heat damage. HP Racer’s Tape can even be used to temporarily fix holes in radiator hoses, lines, etc. for a quick roadside or pit repair.

Cold Gold Tape
Gold heat shield tape can reflect a significant amount of heat and keep components cooler. This heat barrier has a full fiberglass backing for added protection.

Cool Foil Tape
Cool Foil Tape™ is a lightweight thermal aluminum heat shield that is ideal for reflecting radiant heat away from the wires, cables, and lines in your vehicle.

Heatshield Tape
Heat shield tape is an effective solution to shield wire looms, fuel lines, air intakes and more. Thermaflect™ Tape is features an excellent adhesive backing that sticks to most clean surfaces.

Armor Shield Tape
This rugged reflective tape can be used to shield radiant heat away where a more rugged answer is needed vs traditional foil tapes.

Hi Temp Tie Wire
High-temperature tie wire is used to secure insulation jackets, lagging tapes, and wraps.