Pace Performance - Heat Shield and Thermal Barriers

Improve performance and protect your vehicle with thermal and heat shield sleeving from Heatshield Products. We offer a full range of automotive heat shield sleeves from traditional options like fiberglass wraps to new innovative solutions like the Lava Tube. With decades of experience in the automotive industry, we are sure to have a car insulation solution that’s right for your car!

More About Heat Shield and Thermal Barriers

Cold Gold Heat Shield
Gold heat shield barriers can reflect over 90% of radiant heat with a 1-inch air gap from the heat source. This specially formulated fiberglass-based backing material also acts as a fire barrier for extra protection.

Heatshield Mat
Good old reliable heat shield material used for decades! The Heatshield Mat is a budget friendly alternative to keep things cool

Heatshield Products Stealth Shield
This interior heat shield stops hot floor boards and firewall heat from the inside of your vehicle. This will work stand alone under carpet or lays on existing sound insulation.

Heatshield Sticky Shield
Make your floorboards cooler with this lightweight stick on heat shield. Sticky™ Shield is light enough to be used for the fastest track times and rugged enough to keep you cool on any trail.

Inferno Heat Shield
Inferno Shields are flexible enough to bend around a pipe, air box, oil pan or to line a transmission tunnel. Perfect radiant heat shield for mufflers, catalytic converters, DPF, and more

Lava Shield
Adhesive backed heat barrier for firewalls, floorboards, and other components can reduce radiant heat as much as 80%. Lava Shield™ may be used on a firewall to shield radiant heat, and is also perfect to shield heat in transmission tunnels.

Thermaflect Cloth
This light weight heat shield material out performs similar products that weigh twice as much and 3 times the thickness. Thermaflect Cloth reflects over 90% of radiant heat crushing the competition.

Thermaflect Shield
Thermaflect™ Shield is a universal flexible heat shield that deflects heat away and is rugged enough to be used for almost any radiant heat application