Pace Performance - Lava Hose Sleeve

Thermal and Heat Shield Sleeving - Lava Hose Sleeve
Protect radiator hoses from heat damage by installing the Lava™ Hose Sleeve by Heatshield Products. This lava rock-based sleeve slides onto a radiator hose and is secured in placing by using the 2 included heat shrink. Installing the Lava Hose Sleeve can also assist in lower IAT’s in applications where the air-intake system is near upper radiator hoses. The special braid of sleeving allows it to have an expandable inside diameter up to 15 percent of its nominal ID. To expand the ID shrink bunch up or shorten the length of the sleeve. The volcanic rock fiber is 25 percent stronger than fiberglass and it is also chemical, fluid, and even acid resistant.

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