Pace Performance - Stealth Tube Heat Sleeve

Thermal and Heat Shield Sleeving - Stealth Tube Heat Sleeve
Grab this heat shield sleeve to protect vital harnesses and fluid for your ride. Stealth Sleeve™ has its roots based in our Lava™ Tube sleeve with a proprietary black coating. This gives it the ultimate stealth carbon fiber look while offering rugged heat protection. Capable of withstanding 1200F continuous this sleeve is ideal for proximity heat as it does not need a full 1” air space from heat source like reflective heat sleeves. Carbon Fiber Cool – Easy Install Installation is a snap with the hook-and-loop closure providing some adjustability to the diameter. Stealth Sleeve™ is well suited to be installed on hoses, lines, and wire harnesses without disassembly like a slip-on heat sleeve. Simply rotate the seam away from the heat source to ensure long lasting heat protection. Available in several different lengths and diameters so trimming the sleeve will be unnecessary.

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